Compare Insurance Quote – How To Do It Well

How do you compare insurance quotes well? Is it by simply looking at the lowest price? Is there something more to it than that? Yes, there is. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves here. For you to do a thorough comparison of quotes you have to get the quotes first.

The number of quotes you get will definitely affect how well you can compare them. If you do not have the right number or cover the right range of insurers then your results will be less than the best for your profile and insurance needs.

In the same vein, the quality of insurers you get quotes from is also a very important factor. If you get quotes from insurance companies that have a poor rating or a shaky financial base any quote you finally settle for might not really be in your best interest.

Therefore, while the subject is on how to compare insurance quote or quotes well, the more important step is ensuring you get the right number from right kind of insurance companies. Here are ways to do it…

You can visit your state’s department of insurance or financial services and do a check up on insurance carriers that are licensed to do business in your state. Thereafter, do a search on each of them that has a rating of at least A and then get quotes from them. However, this is a little time-consuming albeit effective. Here’s a simpler, faster and more effective way…

Get and compare quotes from five or more reputable insurance quotes sites. Pick the best offers and then visit your state’s department of insurance. Reputable quotes sites usually only return quotes from insurers with a minimum rating of A. But you can’t be too sure so you do a check to make sure those you picked are still highly rated. You also do this to ensure you’ve covered all insurers with very good ratings.

If you’ve not got quotes from any very highly rated insurer, get a quote from them. Now you can pick the best quote from the short-listed ones. Now is the time to check with BBB, Standard and Poor’s and other financial rating companies.

Once you’ve verified that your best quote is from a company with a solid financial base and a good claims history, you’ve got your insurer. If not, pick the next rate quote to that until you get one from a company that has all the things you’ve been advised to check.

You can start the process now by getting your quotes!